# marks the spot

Vandal tags the outside world, so you can explore what's good in the hood rather than google “best coffee shop” like a boomer. Like, howbout “lots of power outlets” or “hot barista” or “free refills” or “hipster starter kit” or “great place to poop” or “midday hobo snoozepit”? That's what Vandal does, thanks to locals like you tagging up the joint.

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No reviews, no ratings, no rules. If you love a spot, tell it with tags. Vandal's blank slate is a city curator's paradise.

Got a craving on the brain?See your whole city through tag-tinted shades. Follow tags to see where they pop up next.

Roll the dice and find some oddly specific vibes nearby.It's the easiest way to get lucky (or get weird) IRL.

Get the local knowledge on any spot in seconds. Add your own flavor, and vote on others' tags to keep the info legit.


Privacy by design

Vandal is intentionally disinterested in your personal data; everything runs on tags, so we aren't trying to be a new social network, or show you ads based on what car you drive, or use facial recognition to identify your mom in a photo. We believe in the simplicity of our app, and we're gonna ride or die on that.